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Hyrna ehf. provides administrative and office services for international companies in Iceland. The objective is to combine professional skills and years of experience to offer clients a competitive, cost-effective service tailored to meet their requirements.

The services provided could include any or all of the following:

  • establishment of companies and legal arrangements for banking and representation;
  • handling of actual operational arrangements and services such as locale, phone, fax, furnishings, equipment, supplies, Internet domain, printing, insignia, security, etc.

  • provide (or overview if the Company has an employee) accounting services including the preparation of monthly or quarterly reports for activities in Iceland and consolidation of branches or other companies if applicable;
  • prepare bank reconciliations and other reconciliations
  • compiling of budgets for the Icelandic office, advising on financial disbursements, transfer of capital, etc.
  • payment of bills, taxes and office costs

Personal representation:
  • recruitment of personnel
  • preparation of and attendance at board meetings
  • communications with Icelandic authorities
  • assistance to and communication with auditing firm on matters relating to the audit
  • Take care of other ordinary (and extraordinary) items arising in the course of Company operations.

Information services and archiving:
  • information provision to parent company, branch and board members
  • draft minutes of Board meetings if requested
  • prepare Shareholders/Owners resolutions
  • send information to Company register
  • take care of information and documents for Company registers in other countries
  • translation of documents

Premises and service:
  • providing an address for Companies and the use of office facilities at Ármúli 24, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland (for instance for one employee)
  • phone services from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm working days
  • possibilities for a dedicated phoneline, fax and internet.
  • providing the use of a private meeting room which will also be available to other users on a first come first served basis
  • single operating fee includes, for instance:

    electricity - heating and water bills - property taxes - building insurance - security system - repairs and cleaning.
Hyrna - Ármúli 24 - 108 Reykjavík - Iceland
Tel: +354 585 1100 - Fax: +354 585 1101 | Email: bap@hyrna.is

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